What Is Counselling & How Can It Help You?

Counselling is about talking through a client’s feelings and experiences in a safe setting where the client has the undivided attention and help from a trained professional.

A good counsellor will be trained in empathising effectively by placing any personal judgments aside, which involves the counsellor being in touch with their own feelings.  A good counsellor will also have developed a deep insight into how clients may be feeling and will have the ability to address them appropriately.  This helps clients to gain a great self awareness and clarity for their future.
The aim of counselling is firstly to explore why a client has attended and what their hopes and expectations are.  Depending on the issues raised the counselling may involve looking into the past in more depth or certain choices and life decisions, or a desire for a future life change may involve looking at the client’s perception on life and their self esteem.  The frame of the counselling will therefore partly depend on the clients circumstances as well.
Counselling is a life changing experience which ultimately leads to a much more fulfilled and greater quality of life.